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YERTA is Kaurna for country. When we care for country, the country will care for us. The YERTA team is like country, building strength through knowledge sharing and practical support. When we build on the strengths of our families, the families build stronger communities.

What we offer

KWY’s YERTA Program -- Young people Empowered to Re-engage Towards Achievement, provides a whole-of-family response to addressing school attendance and engagement.


YERTA is aimed at improving attendance and engagement in schools for Aboriginal children and young people at both primary and high school.


Practitioners will support families to build upon their children’s wellbeing and education, while simultaneously supporting schools to be the culturally responsive. YERTA delivers outreach work, meeting families where they feel safe, for instance in their homes, schools, or local community locations.


This is a collaborative response between KWY, Department of Education and Department of Human Services.


To be eligible for the program, students must:


  • Identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

  • Be enrolled at a school identified as being a part of the pilot program

(Currently: LeFevre High School, LeFevre Peninsula Primary School, Woodville High School, Woodville Gardens Primary School, Woodville Primary)


Get started

YERTA is currently only accepting referrals directly from the Department of Education.


Pilot catchment

  • Avenues College

  • Blair Athol North B-6 School

  • LeFevre High School

  • LeFevre Peninsula Primary School

  • Ocean View College

  • Roma Mitchell Secondary College

  • Woodville High School

  • Woodville Gardens Primary School

  • Woodville Primary

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