Kids with Backpacks




What we offer…

KWY are delivering a pilot program aimed at strengthening outcomes and relationships between our public schools and Aboriginal families.


While school attendance is a key outcome we will address, KWY staff operate with the safety, wellbeing and empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families at the forefront of their practice.


Practitioners will support families to mitigate risk and invest in their children’s wellbeing and education, while simultaneously supporting schools to be the culturally responsive environments our kids need to thrive. YERTA delivers outreach work, meeting clients in their homes, schools, or local community locations.


The program will ensure our Young people will be Empowered to Re-engage Towards Achievement.


This is a collaborative response between KWY, Department of Education and Department of Human Services.


To be eligible for the program, students must:


  • Identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

  • Be enrolled at a school identified as being a part of the pilot program
    (Currently: LeFevre High School, LeFevre Peninsula Primary School, Woodville High School, Woodville Gardens Primary School, Woodville Primary)

  • Have been identified by term-by-term data as chronically absent

  • Have given consent to be involved in the program


Get started…

During the pilot phase of the program, YERTA will not be open to external referrals. Referrals are coming directly from the Department of Education.


Pilot catchment…

  • LeFevre High School

  • LeFevre Peninsula Primary School

  • Woodville High School

  • Woodville Gardens Primary School

  • Woodville Primary