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Strong Families, Strong Communities Peer Program


What we offer…

Strong Families, Strong Communities Peer Program offers a 12-weeks of peer-to-peer group support aimed to improve people’s wellbeing, create larger support networks, improve knowledge and better self-esteem and confidence. This is a step-down model that is aimed at building lasting community supports and connections around families. In addition, to the peer-to-peer group program clients will be supported with case planning and case management that is culturally responsive, providing strengths based and trauma-informed one on one support. This program is run with the Australian Centre for Social Innovation.  


The service is for families with children aged birth to 18 years where child well-being or safety risk factors have been identified.  

The program is designed to better support families with medium-level risk factors before their challenges escalate. Families who have successfully addressed high-level risks and can confidently step down to a less intensive model of support will also be eligible. 


Get started…

Referrals to the program can come from Intensive Family Services (as a step-down support), as well as family, community and self-referrals. 



  • Northern Adelaide 

  • Western Adelaide 

  • Mount Gambier 

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