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What we offer

Kumungka (together) is a collaboration between KWY and Nunga Mi:Minar. Kumangka offers a collaborative approach to support Aboriginal families who are experiencing or have experienced Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence. This is a holistic family response that focuses on long-term healing and recovery via complex case management that prioritises safety, culture, addressing trauma and underlying causes of harmful behaviour, and connecting to ongoing support, including disability supports where necessary.


To be eligible for Kumangka, families must meet the following criteria:  

  • Have at least one parent or child of Aboriginal or Torres Strait descent  

  • Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence is currently present or has previously been present in the home 


Get started

Referrals to the program can come from Government departments, Non-Government Organisations, family, community, self-referral and internally through KWY.

Click below to complete our online referral form. 


  • Metropolitan Adelaide.

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