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Healing by Art - Port Augusta


What we offer

Healing by Art provides a safe space for women to come together, celebrate their culture and find safety. The group creates a safe space for women's voices to be shared, to move through trauma, to build their strength and create art that supports their healing. 


Healing by Art is about supporting Aboriginal women to undergo social and emotional healing through art within a culturally safe space. The program is facilitated by an Elder and/or artist. Women are encouraged to identify their personal strengths and reconnect with their cultural knowledge.  


Women are empowered to overcome intergenerational trauma, grief and loss. 


There are also opportunities for women to develop their art and art businesses.  



Aboriginal women who are experiencing or have experienced domestic and family violence and live in the Port Augusta region.  


Get started

  • Call 0447 646 885; or 

  • Click below to complete the online referral form


KWY Healing by Art has a rolling referral system. Women can be referred or register to enter the program at any time. 



  • Port Augusta

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